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  My name is Sarah Salvioli, I am a loving Wife and a Mom of three. I am a Bridal & Celebrity artist. I have been working in this industry for 13 years. I have been my own Boss for the past 8 years! Devoting my services as, Beauty By Sarah Salvioli. I specialize in Bridal along with beauty, production, fashion, events, & editorial. Providing versatile styles for all occasions, skin tones, skin types, and ethnicities. I graduated from the Carsten Aveda Institute in New York City in 2010 therefore I am a licensed cosmetologist. I am proudly a self taught makeup artist. I have a passion for everything beauty and I thrive on the confidence I am able to provide my clients. 

  I have been told that I have always been very artistic & creative since I was a little girl.  I was always coloring and creating things with my hands. I remember at a young age the feeling of making something for someone else and the overwhelming feeling of joy that would give me making someone else happy.  A prominent memory that I have as a child is ripping out editorial pictures from magazines and sitting in front of my mirror for hours trying to copy the newest Hair & Makeup trends.  Not all were successful but I always kept practicing. 

  Growing up in New York City I was given a great education.  I was surrounded by culture & diversity.  I got to experience so many different forms of art, such as, shows, museums, parks & galleries.  It was such a creative experience for a young creative brain to develop. Knowing the talents that I had at hand I went to Collage to pursue a Fine Arts Degree at SVU in Manhattan.  Only to find myself wondering if this truly was the right path for me.  I found myself wanting more, so I started an education at Carsten Aveda Institute in Manhattan to get my cosmetology degree.  I instantly found the thirst for wanting more.  The fantastic environment and the drive of the fellow artists around me was so motivating.  I put in long hours & hard work to be at the top of my class but surly the best part of every day was seeing the instant gratification on a clients face.  This is when I knew I had found where I belong.

  To this day, I am always exploring a higher education.  Education is key for me to provide an ever evolving art.  I am always seeking new classes, trying new things, and always stay up to date on new trends.  I am enhancing my Hair & Makeup kit monthly. 

  My love for Hair & Makeup is not solely based on expressing my creativity.  But by doing something that I have a passion for.  It is by far the most fulfilling career I could have chosen, due to the positive impact I give to other people.  The most rewarding aspect of my career is the fact that I help build the confidence in women that they deserve to display from the inside out.  


It is the best feeling in the world doing what you love & not having to work a day in your life!

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